American Custom Lifts M1 Review

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Car Lifts: They're not just for the uber wealthy.

Everything you ever wanted to know about buying, installing, and using an American Custom Lifts M1 but were afraid to ask. We follow the purchase, install, and use of an ACL M1 lift, and then provide a comprehensive review, all from the perspective of an average homeowner.

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0:00​ - Introduction
3:40 - Finalizing the Order
5:23 - Arrival Day
7:58 - Prepping the Garage
8:33 - Installation Day
10:12​ - Success...?
12:53 - The Clouds Lift
16:05 - How to Operate a Car Lift
28:53 - Review of the ACL M1
42:40 - The Wrap Up

For more information on the M1 and other lifts by American Custom Lifts, visit their website:

If you live in central Virginia and are in search of a skilled and experienced lift installer, give Rob at Automotive Shop Equipment a call; his website is:

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